The Intelligence Community Presents: THE FREE TRANSLATORS

In consideration of over thirty years of critical feminist studies concerning women as subjects of language, the Free Translators ask:
What is your source? What is your Who? Your Where? Your When? Your How? For those of us who do not know, The Free Translators offer an array of possibilities: Miss Reading, Miss Communication, Miss Appropriation, Miss Opportunity, Miss Literacy, Miss Informed and of course… (their own) misgivings.

In a world that invents and facilitates endless methods and technologies for successful communication, The Free Translators happily construe known grammars and vocabularies in favor of the barely heard and the incomprehensible with the purpose of uniting the political and poetic in language. Culling from a multitude of conflated narratives, The Free Translators present a program of video screenings deliberately complicating the textual content of our everydaylives and dedicated to the idea that multiple translations continually unhinge single meanings.

TOUR DATES (additional dates will be added as they are confirmed)
05/10/2008 Gasp Gallery, Boston, MA.
05/17/2008 Squeaky Wheel, Buffalo, NY.
05/19/2008 Union Docs, Brooklyn, NY.
05/20/2008 Time and Space Limited, Hudson, NY.
05/21/2008 51 3rd Street, Troy, NY.
05/23/2008 Creative Alliance, Baltimore, MD.

05/24/2008 Pyramid Atlantic Center, Silver Springs, MD.
05/25/2008 Small Change Screenings, Philadelphia, PA.


Mary Billyou - CONTACT MARY
Mary Billyou is a film and video maker living and working in New York City. She attended The Whitney Independent Study Program in 2003-2004. Her films and videos have shown throughout the United States, the Czech Republic, and in China. Her practice includes community building collaborations through both filmmaking production and in curated screenings. Her recent documentary on Arabic translator Mohamed Yousry showed at the microcinema venue at Sundance 2007. Her early films and videos are available on Big Miss Moviola compilations.

Sabine Gruffat - CONTACT SABINE
Sabine Gruffat is a media artist living and working in Madison, WI. Her films and videos have screened at festivals worldwide including the Image Forum Festival in Japan, the Split Film Festival in Croatia and the Ann Arbor Film Festival as well as microcinema venues/ galleries the PDX Film Festival in Portland OR, Discount Cinema and The Ice Factory in Chicago, IL, and more recently, Hull screen U.K, The Gene Siskel Film Center, Chicago Filmmakers, and The Gramercy Theater in New York. Her photographs and video installations have been shown at the Zolla Lieberman Gallery in Chicago, Art In General in New York, the Rochester Art Center and the Centro Cultural Telemar in Brasil.