TRT: (approximately) 60 minutes

Time tourists unite!

Bill Brown and Sabine Gruffat set the dials and push the levers while guiding you through the fourth dimension! Our machine will be carried on the breezes of parallel universes to return you to your rightful futures and pasts.

Riding frequency waves of sight and sound, Sabine Gruffat will navigate by the red, green and blue stars of electronic constellations. Watch and learn about Real-Time Rendering, Quartz, and Max patches as she steers you through the sensory drone of the digital and analog hyperspace.

Dropping out of the temporal flux and onto the lonely highway, Bill Brown will take you on a guided tour of memory's roadside attractions. Brown will pilot the machine toward the irretrievable past and the inaccessible future by way of scratchy records and the hazy glow of 35mm slides, narrating the interspatial monuments of our extemporary voyage.

BILL BROWN: Reading, slide projection, digital video, and records.

SABINE GRUFFAT: Real-time rendered audiovisual performance with analog video mixer and game controllers.







Live Cinema Summit
98th College Art Association Conference 5:30-11pm
Feb 11
Columbia College, Chicago, IL

Feb 25 Public Space One, Iowa City, IA
Mar 24 Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, MI
May 4 UW Union Theater, Milwaukee, WI
May 14 Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY

Aug 15 Disjecta, Portland, OR
Aug 16 Olympia Film Society,
Olympia, WA
Aug 18 Northwest Film Forum,
Seattle, WA
Aug 19 Pickford Film Center,
Aug 22 Artists Television Access,
San Francisco, CA
Aug 24 Unurban Coffee,
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 25 Workspace 2601,
Los Angeles, CA
Aug 26 Echo Park Film Center,
Los Angeles, CA